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Kimberbell Exclusives Club: "Life is Sweet" Tea Towel (July 2019)

From strawberry shortcake or strawberry jam, dipped in chocolate or frosty daiquiri, life is sweeter with strawberries. This delightful tea towel captures all the cuteness of a red ripe strawberry.

With our innovative technique for Over-the-Edge Applique, fabric is placed on both the front and back of the tea towel hem. A layer of flexible foam interfacing is sandwiched in between the fruity fabric pieces which gives dimension and makes the embroidered strawberries seem almost real. Enjoy every delicious stitch!

Supplies Needed

Hoop: 5" x 7"
Stabilizer: Sticky-back wash-away
(Although Mary Beth used a tear-away stabilizer and then used Kimberbell Paper Tape for perfect placement in the hoop)

Fabric 1 - Strawberry 1: Cut (2) 3" x 3"
Fabric 2 - Strawberry 2: Cut (2) 3" x 3"
Fabric 3 - Strawberry 3: Cut (2) 3" x 3"

Flexible Foam Interfacing: 3" x 7" piece
Kimberbell Tea Towel (we recommend the plain white)
Kimberbell Paper Tape

Instructor Name:
Mary Beth Licke

Kimberbell Exclusives Club: "Life is Sweet" Tea Towel (July 2019)

$ 20.00